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Get high-end resolutions to all your PC issues!

Welcome to Staples tech support! We are a one-stop solution hub to provide you with real-time technical services. From preventive maintenance to repairing a faulty device- get your technology back up under one roof. Our tech geeks are here to assure the good health of your laptop, PC, or mobile. Under our expert’s vigilance, your device is bound to run like new. Scroll down to know more.

In the era of technology, we can’t even think about a day with our laptop or mobile. That’s why Staples tech support is here to keep the source of your technology running. No matter if it’s a hardware or software issue, we will discard it instantly to bring your smile back! From PC tune-up to cleanup, data backup to file transfer, parts repair to replacement, virus removal to offering you different antivirus- we have integrated all in our service package. So whenever in need, you just have to dial the Staple tech support number to get back your device’s performance, just like the mint condition. 

Want to know more about us? Here we have provided a complete list of our services. Have a look now. 

Comprehensive Online &  On-site Staple Technical Support

Our Staple tech support experts use the latest technology to diagnose the exact issue of your device. We are working round the clock just not to leave any loophole in our technology or services in order to render you the best assistance. 

However, major issues, as well as bits and pieces of glitches- nothing goes out of our focus with our recently built software. The skilled engineers of our team can easily detect, block, and destroy the suspicious activity from your system immediately. Not only the mentioned ones but also Staples tech support provides a wide range of services. Have a look now. 

In Store Services

With Staple tech in-store services, you will get to experience the peak performance of your device. We drive away all your hassles related to printers, high-end gaming devices, computer malware, viruses, hackers, etc.

  • Android & iPad

Device setup and configuration

User experience personalization

 Wished bonus items

App store set up and configuration

Email setup and configuration

Your selection of the customization

  • PC & Mac

Operating system optimization

Customization  selection

User experience personalization

Email  and configuration

In-home connection and delivery service

Norton security solution with online backup-  10 

Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-Device-  3 

McAfee for a single device

  • Mobile

F-Secure VPN for mobile privacy protection- 1 year of subscription

Liquid-Armour scratch-resistant screen guard 

Device setup and configuration

We understand the intensity of a situation when you are in the middle of work, and your PC shuts down with a bang! Devices are meant to be unpredictable, that’s why immediate expert assistance is required. Well, get it here only from the Staples tech support team. 


If your PC is facing a hardware failure or it has got some unwanted visitors in the form of malware or spyware- our skilled technicians will inspect, test, and bash out the exact issue instantly. 

Parts & Repairs 

As we mentioned, you will get full-fledged repairing services for faulty hardware. Alongside this, we source the different parts of various devices in case of replacement. Moreover, we assure you of factory satisfaction services. 

Computer Tune-up

Your computer must need regular maintenance to keep performing optimally. If your system speed has degraded to snail’s pace- dial Staples support phone number and get in touch with us. 

We will-

Ensure system optimization 

Offer the selection of customization 

Make sure your UI is personalized 

In-Warranty Manufacturer Repair 

We are a manufacturer authorized to repair all kinds of major brands. So you don’t have to rush to a service center each time you hit an error. Enjoy our easy, convenient, and free of charge services for in-warranty products. 

Virus Removal & Operating System Restore 

Viruses and malware are meant to compromise your privacy and security. So it’s nothing but a threat to all your sensitive data. But don’t worry, we have all the expertise and technology to help you in getting rid of these threats. Additionally, if you lose any important data while removing the virus, we will offer a complete restoration. 

If you are a DIY kind of person or have just bought a new device, our tutorials and online learning processes are going to help you a lot. 

  • Tutorials 

When you know the proper usage and features of a device, you can make the most out of it. Our tutorials are crafted to let you know about all the ins and outs of your device. You can schedule a tutorial with Staples tech support and shoot your queries. Our experts will provide the best possible answers and advice. 

  • Online Learning 

The more you learn, the more you can improvise your lessons while using a device. We will help you with short, how-to, step by step guide videos rendered by experts. Our online learning course will teach you different tips, tricks, and practical skills in a short time period. 

Staples tech support for business email account issues is essential to keep your business-related data protected. 

  • Hosted Exchange 

It is our high-end business email and collaboration solution. You can use the Hosted Exchange to reach the highest level of productivity while at the office from your iPhone, Android, or via Outlook web application. 

  • Monthly Tune-up & Reporting

Get remote updates to your PC with our monthly tune-up and reporting services. Also, we will hand you a report card holding information about the health of your system. Not only that but also we will maintain your PC’s performance to prevent any kind of inconvenience.  

  • Remote Monitoring and management

With our remote monitoring service, you will get facilities like round the clock early warning detection. Our dedicated Staples tech support management venture takes care of any software installation, updates, or patches. Also, we do routine checkups with different software to ensure the well being of your PC. 

  • VHS to DVD

If you are facing any issue while transferring media onto DVDs, reach us by dialing Staples tech support phone number. We are going to take care of your hassle so that you can share and enjoy your films, slides or videotapes of memorable moments with your friends. As tape degrades over time, you must get in touch with us before it’s too late. 

VHS, Hi-8, S-VHS, 8mm video, MiniDV, Digital 8, and Betamax- all those videotape formats are included in our service packages. 

Film formats include- Super 8, 8mm, 16mm

Slides of 35mm with plastic mounting or cardboard

Also, we provide a free private online account to make sharing easy for you.

In-home Services

Get real-time services in the comfort of your home. Fix your PC, Android phone, etc. with 100% quality assurance. Schedule the date and time as per your convenience and just let us know. We will be there, knocking at your door. Take a look at our in-home services now. 


Setting up a new device can be a hassle if you don’t really belong to the group of tech geeks. You must contact our Staples customer support helpdesk to avail of our in-home setup and repair services. 

  • Device Setup

If you have just bought a new PC or printer, and couldn’t set it up properly, we will assist you wherever you want. Our technicians will connect the device with your existing network, tidy up the wiring, and let you know about the key features so that you can make the most out of it. Hence you can enjoy the maximum level of performance of your system. 

  • Networking and Connection 

Have you tried a lot but failed miserably while setting up your router? Nothing to worry about. Our skilled professionals will set up your wireless network and make sure that your connection is secured completely. 

  • Diagnostic

Don’t have much time to drop your unit off at our store? Well, we will be right over! Our engineers will figure out the best course of action for your faulty device and do accordingly. So, you can be online again within no time! 

Couldn’t configure your wireless printer? Instead of worrying, let us know. We will configure your printer and make sure you can print your documents flawlessly while at home or in the office. 

Router Update

If you think your router is under threat or someone is trying to break into your wi-fi network, have a chat with us at Staples live chat support portal. Either we will tell you the solutions or visit your home/office to discard any type of anonymous activity. 


Not only the setup and repair but also we render other services. We always try to make everything convenient for you. With this state of mind, we have crafted our service packages. 

  • Customized One-hour Service

Do you need assistance with your new tech-project? Book our customized services for one hour, and your project will be ready. In addition to that, if your printer is not printing from all of your devices, we will resolve the error for you. In case, your gaming console is not supporting multi-player mode- Staples tech support is there to help you out. Dial +1-234-234-2345 to know about all our customized services. 

  • Pick Up & Delivery

Are you running out of time but got some glitches in your device? If you allow, we will pick up the faulty device from your home and take it to the store. Furthermore, we won’t bother you regarding the delivery. Once it’s fixed, we will return your device at your home with special care. 

  • Tutorials

If you lack knowledge regarding any of your systems, we will tell you about all the features in the comfort of your home. Our one-to-one tutorials are so effective that you don’t need us anymore until it comes to fixing any problem. 


Get In Touch With Staples Tech Support

You can connect with us via one of our multiple channels. No matter what you choose, one of us will always be on the other end to welcome you. Here is how you can contact us. 

Call us: Dial our Staples tech support number +1-234-234-2345 and reach the Staples customer care helpdesk. We will listen to you with undivided attention and allot the best service. 

Mail us: Write to us at and attach your contact details in the mail. Make sure you have provided enough information regarding your issue. We will revert instantly.

Chat with us: Visit our Staples live chat support portal to have a one-to-one conversation with one of our c-level executives. You can schedule in-home services through the chat portal. And one more thing, if you have any queries related to Netgear Service then feel free to Contact Netgear Support team for immediate tech support service.