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With a handful of unmatched features, Office has become the first choice for working professionals. If you are a newbie, it’s not a cakewalk to activate your account for the first time. You may often get “Office setup enter product key” message while using the products like Word, Access, Excel, etc. in trial period. If you want to get rid of this annoying pop-up message, read on and learn to activate your Office products from the Office support team. Here you go!

Microsoft is crowned as the biggest tech giant of the era. With an uncountable number of tools, it is helping other industries from different aspects. Convenient installation and the ease of use, both are key things to mark these products best. So you can accomplish a lot of work with these tools, among which Office is the most useful one. As we said, we are going to tell you how to activate Office 365 with a product key; it will help you to achieve the highest productivity. 

Without much ado, let’s learn it from the Office setup support experts now.

What is Office setup product key?

Office product key is the main card to get access to all Office products. The 25 digit alphanumeric code can only provide you with all the features of Office 365. It stays in encryption within the window registry which you can’t found manually. So how to enter an Office setup product key and start with the Office Suite? Scroll down and know it below.

Office setup enter product key

Office setup enter product key- How to activate Office 365?

You might not know, you have to install the Office 365 first to apply the product key and activate the same. Follow the steps below to install Office on your PC. If you face any issues in between, ensure dialing Office support phone number +1-234-234-2345 to get prompt assistance from the best engineers. 

However, let’s start with the process now.

To start with process, first you need to download the Office setup file on your system. Follow the steps below,

  • Firstly, visit the official site www.office.com/setup from your browser
  • Then, select your choice of product from the list
  • Now, hit the install button available on your screen
  • After that, hit the same option once again
  • You have to select the compatible version of Windows now
  • Then, select your language
  • Finally, click on the Agree button to continue
  • The Office setup downloading process will start now.

After completing the downloading process you need to follow the installation process.

Download the Office setup

How to setup office

Install Office setup

Enter Office Product Key

The most common ways to install Office setup are- offline- through disk and online- from official site. However, here we have explained either ways. Perform according to your source of having Office setup file. 

Install Office Online

  • First, you have to navigate to the folder where you’ve saved the setup file
  • Then, you need to double click on the icon to open the file
  • Now, you will see an installation window on your screen
  • Make sure you are going through all the terms and conditions 
  • Once done, click on the “Agree” button
  • Then, as you get on-screen instructions, keep following them
  • Give it a few minutes now to get the installation process completed
  • Next, click on the “Finish” button
  • Finally, your Office package is installed on your system and ready for activation.

You can install Office 365 and it’s components offline as well. If you have purchased your Office Product Key from an Offline store then you have to follow the steps below,

  • Firstly, open the disk drive of your Computer and insert your purchased disk
  • Now, you will get the installation wizard on your screen
  • Then, click on the run option
  • Now go through the license agreement carefully
  • Once done, tap the “Agree” button
  • Next, you have to follow the on-screen instructions religiously
  • The installation process will get started now
  • When done, hit the “Finish” button to end the process

Now as you have completed the installation process successfully you can easily proceed with the activation.

Install Office Offilne

Office 365 setup

By following the above steps, you can complete Office Setup on your system easily. But it may take a huge time if you try to get the job done all by yourself. Alongside this, there are risks of improper setup as well. The most devastating fact is, an improper setup can cost you heavily as your system, and the data saved into it might get corrupted due to improper Office setup. However, to remove all this hindrance related to Office Setup enter product key error contact our Office Support team now.
We have a proficient team of expert professionals. Being in the software industry for the long time all our certified engineers have vast experience of Office and its components. From Office installation to different troubleshooting errors related to it, we can help you with anything and everything.

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