Collar Clips Are The Latest Fashion Statement

Want An Fallback To A Tie? Collar Clips Are The Latest Fashion Statement

Essentially designed for men as Collar Clips are now popular fashion among women, as well. chrome hearts hoodie Collar clips are one chic latest accessory that can add quick stylish touch to your attire, even as they keep the collars from dangling.

The clips attach much like a tie with one pin on each collar. The clips can be changed up and creates a lovely brooch, or be used as a sweater chain.

These clips make a funky gift for just about anyone, men and women, especially those who like to do a little weird in their outfit or on the punk side of their fashion.

What’s interesting is that they go with all kinds of outfits – western, fusion, or ethnic. Collar clips come in different shapes, sizes and styles. A few interesting ones available in the market come in the shapes of insects, reindeer, crown, birds, stars, flowers, deer head, poker etc. While some clips come with chains attached to them, those without chains can also add to your look – you simply have to pin them onto your collar. You can also mix and match different shapes and sizes for that excitable look and fashion statement.

While collar clips are available in market, they are also DIY things. They are easy to make and cost-effective, too

Get an old chain, a few ear studs and glue
Cut the chain to the desired length accordingly
Stick the chain to the back of the stud
Let it dry overnight. They are ready to be worn.
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Today, fashion is no more a luxury neither it is out of the reach of common people nor it is out of the budget of a common man. With the advent of online fashion markets, women’s desire to dress well is just a click away. They can easily compare poker online different brands and their prices on various e-commerce platforms and can select the best available option with a lot of ease and comfort. Besides, women apparel available on the internet can be purchased at a better price than the physical retail market. All in all, fashion is made for women and the internet is the best place for them to shop what they really want to shop.

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